I visited Mrs. Margaret Williams in April 2015, as I had gained a stone in weight but had no motivation to go on yet another diet. I have dieted nearly all my life, and yes with some success – but it was always short term success. Mrs. Williams wanted me to stop “dieting” and instead change my eating habits, so much of the food I was eating to diet was doing me no good at all. She focussed on my food weaknesses and encouraged me to avoid them and gave me excellent advice on what foods to eat and what to avoid. Within a month I had lost a stone and some 5 months later I have not put this weight back on. I found the whole experience of hypnosis extremely relaxing and the advice that Mrs. Williams gave me invaluable.

I highly recommend Mrs. Williams – you have nothing to lose by visiting her, but an awful lot to gain.


VH – Haverfordwest